A Tribe Called We

Apr 11

I don’t understand how you become such a great lyricist.

a shooting star is actually someone driving off rainbow road

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Apr 9

Bob Dylan and The Band
Apr 4


Bob Dylan and The Band

I was asked to take a hospice case for a man who had stage 4 cancer, basically a medical death sentence. When a person is diagnosed with stage 4, it means the cancer has spread through out the body and has started growing through out. 

In total I was to spend three days with this man, today, Saturday, and Sunday. Totaling to about 15 hours. I knew this case was going to be rough physically and mentally. The nurse who supervises me, as well as my clients, told me this was probably the saddest case she had come across. 

When I read the client plan, basically an outline of who they are, why they are receiving care, and the type of care I couldn’t help but picture a Nicholas Sparks book. Every detail could have literally been one of those stories that leave you exhausted at the end. 

The man with cancer, had a wife and kids who passed away earlier in his life. In order to make peace with it, he went to support groups. While at these support groups, he met a lady who also lost family. Together, they found they could support and love each other. They even adopted a daughter, and spent twelve years living their life until cancer knocked at the door. 

The daughter, who I met today, is probably about 6-8 years old. Totally at the age where you are oblivious to everything and the only worry you have is, where is my apply juice, and I want to play with my toys. Come to find out, the man with cancer needed to marry the lad he had met at the support group so the daughter could receive his social security and support after he had passed.

Today, the wedding was scheduled for the morning. He did not make it in time. When I arrived at 4:30pm to start my shift, I knocked on the door, the lady answered, obviously terribly distraught. She pointed behind her and said, “He passed this morning…”. The man was had indeed passed and he was laying on top of a bed in the living room. I didn’t want to stare but I couldn’t help myself to look at the man I was supposed to take care of. I was supposed to meet this guy, tell him my name, my title, what I was going to do for him, the whole usual greeting lingo. Yet there he was, peaceful as ever. Only a towel cover his eyes and a blanket his lower torso. 

I felt so bad that I offered to stay as long as I could to help with things around the house. I called my company and asked how long I could stay and help. They told me two hours is the only allotted time I could get. During the whole time of me cleaning the house, the man just lay there in his bed. While all this chaos was going on around him, he looked so peaceful. Finally it seems, this man got his chance to finally rest. The pain from his disease, the pain he had for the loss of his family, the mental pain of knowing he was going to have to leave his daughter and to-be wife. All gone. 

Though seeing the body has kind of given me this weird feeling that I have had since I first saw him, It honestly humbles me beyond the point I have already been humbled. All those big things people care about: Money, a job, a new car/bike, if they have a date or not, if they missed their television show, if the coffee barista was a complete dickhead — come to find out, all of these things never matter. Yet here we are, getting the most worked up about them. 

This is why sometimes I chose love and happiness over a lot of things in my life. Do I want to die knowing I succeeded in making money? Or would I rather die knowing I tried to make everyone happy and give every single person I now some amount of joy in their life. I would rather die knowing my parents and sister knew I loved them. I would rather die, giving the person who has my heart every ounce, every drop of love I have in me. Only then would I be totally satisfied. I don’t even care if it is my dream to do something, if it gets in the way of how I conduct and receive happiness and love, It can wait. Death never waits. It’s better to take advantage of the time you get before it notices you. 

Choose love and Choose happiness,

Because in the end, all fades.

Mar 29
Today, I saw my first dead body

I always thought choosing love and only love would set anyone free.

Maybe I love too much.

How can I not love so much?

Why am I being probed to ask myself that question?

Love is my happiness and I never want it taken away.

I just want to wake up every day, feeling loved and that everything is okay, even if it isn’t.

Most of all, I want happiness as much as I need warmth and shelter.

Mar 26

-Someone seeing a person who is homeless, having horrible symptoms, or going through what ever they are going through and the first thought is, oh this will be a good laugh on my all of my social media platforms. 

I don’t know how anyone expects to end poverty, get the population more accepting, and generally far more involved when we still laugh at people for their misfortunes. 

I sometimes can’t stand anything anymore and I am only getting pickier and pickier.

Also we have musicians making a mockery out of music by titling their album, Sex and Love. I’m looking at you Enrique Iglesias, you dick bag. Music is an art form not something that makes vibrations while also handing out fucking money. Jesus. 

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Mar 24
Reason humanity is fucked #567
Mar 13

Our house, is a very very very fine house

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Mar 11

Totally disappointed with this album except for this song and Get Lucky of course. Good thing they got Panda Bear on their album.

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